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Companies that succeed in the 21st century will be flexible, more agile and more creative. To compete you'll need to focus on the heart of your business, that small percent of your staff that goes above and beyond, carries more than their load. And you'll need a recruiting partner who will help you find this rare but exceptional breed. Let us be that partner.

Our Recruiting Services & Approach
Specializing in recruitment of high impact players for senior, mid-level management and professional positions, we provide a broad range of services and a customized approach to find not just the right candidate but the right person for your company - that key individual who can make a positive impact on your business. We accomplish this by bringing together our industry expertise, recruiting experience and our search approach and process.

Learn about our services and how we can match them to your specific hiring needs:

Permanent Placement: Our industry leading recruiting services include: Retained Search, Contingency Search, Project Search and Global Search. Learn more about our Permanent Placement services and the types of positions we fill.

Large-Scale Recruitment: Through a customized project management plan, we use a streamlined collaborative approach to meet your large scale and global hiring initiatives. Learn more about our unique large-scale recruitment services.

Ancillary Services
We also offer a host of additional services and tools to help with your hiring goals and to solve your hiring problems, including: assessment testing; background checks; online activity management and reporting; relocation assistance; and, salary surveys.

How To Engage Us
Whether your hiring needs call for retained, contingency, contract or large-scale search and recruitment services, we offer the flexibility you need.

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We offer a wide range of recruiting services and techniques, to give you the flexibility you need, including

Retained Search

A dedicated search team created to fill a position in a short and specified period of time.

Global Search

Global networking provides solutions for clients with overseas staffing needs, as well as consultation to candidates. 

Contingency Search

Designed to fulfill both individual search assignments and ongoing openings, not requiring full payment unless we fill the position.  

Advertised Search and Selection

Targeted advertising tools combined with a thorough search process and rigorous screening to fill key positions. 

Project Search

 A recruiting project team is created to find a number of candidates with similar profiles. 

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Cubicle Compass is a consulting firm, connecting job-seekers with employers and employers to job-seekers.

Our mission is to make talent acquisition easier and more efficient. We provide a comprehensive suite of tools and services to enable employers to post jobs and source qualified candidates, and job-seekers to search for jobs, apply for positions, and create their professional profile.

Whether you’re a job-seeker or an employer, Cubicle Compass can help you find the perfect fit.

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